The demand for water and energy consumption is constantly increasing


The demand for water and energy consumption is constantly increasing

Islamabad(Muhammad Asif)

The demand for water and energy consumption is constantly increasing and in the next few decades it will become a challenge for the governments of many countries and they may face  difficulties in dealing with it.

World Water Day is being observed today on March 22. Due to the ever-growing population and weak economies, the developing nations will face double  difficulties in obtaining water and energy in the next decades. Due to this, it is becoming difficult for the people of these countries to get clean drinking water and access to energy. The complex issues of clean drinking water and electricity have squeezed the economy of developing nations on the one hand, on the other hand, the water reserves on earth are also being limited.  Countries with severe water stress will be in North Africa, Middle East and South Asia. The people of many countries in the continent of Asia may face serious difficulties in obtaining water after the next three to four decades, and the conflicts caused due to the availability of water in many areas will become serious. 

United Nations Organization UNESCO According to the World Water Development Board, a subsidiary organization of After the increase in water demand in the same period, 40 percent of the total population of the earth will face severe water stress after thirty five years from now.

In this context, the situation in South Asia and Stress cannot be ignored. On the other hand, there have been water disputes between the provinces within Pakistan since 1960 and there are disputes over the distribution of water between Sindh, Punjab, and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Similar differences exist on the issue of dams and electricity generation and distribution. Water is not only essential for agriculture and electricity growth and development, but in modern times, the importance of water has increased enormously in the context of increasing population. Is. 90% of third world agriculture depends on river water, but now the continuous supply of water to cities has also emerged as a major problem and challenge.

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